Suffolk County Snake Skin Identification

Suffolk County snake

Did you find a snake skin in Suffolk County, NY? I can help you identify it! I am an expert on all Suffolk County snakes, and can even identify them by the shed snakeskin they leave behind. Just email me a photo or two of the skin, to and I will identify it TODAY or maybe tomorrow. Usually the same day. I have been doing this for 15 years as my hobby, and always answer right away!

Suffolk County snake skin

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Have you ever found a snakeskin in your home, but the snake? If you have, you were probably wondering what kind of snake it was, if it’s venomous, and how big the snake might actually be. Our staff are highly trained when it comes to snakes. If you’ve found a snakeskin, our experienced and highly trained staff can help identify the type of snake. Snakes, like all reptiles, shed their skin as they grow, since scales don’t really offer a lot of breathing space. Though the skins don’t have coloration, the scale pattern can reveal a lot what kind of snake you’ve got slithering around. Whether you’re concerned that a snake in your house might be venomous or just curious about a skin you found in your front yard, our highly experienced staff will do everything we can to help you identify the snake in question. Knowing what type of snakes might be around is useful for several reasons. Of course, concern if the snake is venomous or not is one reason, but so is knowing the size and demeanor of the snake. If the snake is outside and non-venomous, it's best left alone. If they’re in the house, then, venomous or not, it should be found and relocated. Identifying a snakeskin can help with that, which is why our staff are trained to do it. Not only does it make their job easier, but also helps you rest easy as they utilize their knowledge and experience to unravel the mysteries of snakes and why they are in your house.